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I want to talk about what happens when you decide you want to make some changes in your career. I had a chat with a client this week saying he wanted to change his career by moving on from his current corporate role and working for himself. I’ve just done a TV series for ENTV in the US and in it, I interview a number of women who have made massive changes to their life and chosen at some point or another to back themselves, leave the role that they are doing, where they’re successful and getting paid by somebody else, to go out on their own.

This is something that I did myself and it’s something that a lot of people decide to do. Usually when they’ve reached the pinnacle in their career, often getting paid a lot of money, but they are not feeling that they are getting that sense of satisfaction, or feeling that what they do in work satisfies them, they don’t get a direct reward for themselves.

It’s an interesting place that we get to. We really want to go out on our own and start our own business. However, we need to remember that people who go out on their own and start businesses, a large percentage of businesses fail in the first 12 months.

I have recently made some changes to the approach and direction I want to move forward in my business. It’s been an interesting time because they are decisions where I have often been wedded to thinking that I must follow a particular pathway, that making a decision to change direction can feel daunting. So, trying to understand when is the right moment to take that leap, but then also making sure that it’s clear and planned out about what it is that you are going to do.

If you are like me, I don’t plan a whole lot ahead – I’m a big picture person. I know what it is I want to do, but I don’t have that written down in stone. Whereas other people, different personality types, are going to want to have all the detail about what they are going to do set in stone and know exactly how to deliver it.

It’s important to understand that in any business we actually need to cover off the quadrants of personality types based on a number of parameters. In any business, out of that quadrant, you’ll have eight areas to cover and you need three people, at a minimum, who deal with those different areas to make sure all the business needs, in terms of the personality approach needed to do that work, are covered. It’s an important distinction to make because if you don’t, you recruit people who all have a similar personality, and it is often like yours! That’s problematic because when we are all the same, the business isn’t going to succeed as the things that I can’t do as a leader, I need somebody else to do. If I don’t accurately map out what I need and who I hire, then I don’t understand what I’m missing and things eventually fall through the cracks and the business can fail.

So, I hope that gives you a little insight into the things you need to consider when you want to strike out on your own. What it’s like when deciding to go into business and back ourselves and what we need to stop and think about.

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