Don’t let the sassy title fool you. This runaway hit reach Amazon No.1 Bestseller status in it's pre-launch week!  It is a roadmap to fully understanding yourself and unleashing your full potential.

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We see that inspiring, professional women are often awesome at their day jobs, but...

They’re Often Tired...

Having difficulty relaxing and finding balance?
Working long hours and rarely get out to just have fun?

They’re Usually Time Poor...

Struggling to make healthy choices and eat well?
Wishing you could be more active?

They Experience Loneliness...

(It’s okay – we won’t let on)
Single and given up trying to find a partner?
Feel like you are too driven for most men?

Is your Alpha ready for more Aphrodite?

In This Book You Will Discover How To Create The

  • Life You Love


    Every single issue in our lives that makes us unhappy actually comes from within us…

    We feel that life is ‘good’ when we are busy and successful, but often we are not truly Happy.

    Many of the issues in our lives arise because we do not have a good sense of self – the true self. We often see ourselves through the lens of our working self – independent, strong and driven.

    We often don’t know who we are, what we want or how to find out, so we slip back into our ‘working self’ and keep driving ourselves.

    Through this book you will gain clarity on your true self, get insight into your natural gifts and uncover your innermost desires… Allowing you to create your most luscious life.






  • Body You Want


    Our ability to take care of our bodies is directly related to how we feel about ourselves…

    As women we are inclined to allow emotions to control our food intake and our activity or energy output.  Understanding how our sense of self impacts our choices is the key to changing our behaviour.

    We tend to be negative about our physical form, even if we’re not overweight. We are rarely satisfied with the physical body we see in the mirror, and it has a direct bearing on how we carry ourselves in the world.

    In working through Define Your Inner Diva, you will review your health and wellbeing, create a plan that works for you.  You are an individual, and your lifestyle choices need to be incorporated into any change process.






  • Relationships You Desire

    The key to effective and balanced relationships, with friends or intimate partners, is reliant on how you feel about yourself…

    As awesome women, we have often dedicated ourselves to getting ahead in our careers or in pursuing our passions in business – often resulting in disconnects in our relationships. This is true for both our friendships and our intimate connections.

    Through this book you will gain clarity on what you really want from your friendships and intimate connections, get insight into your generosity and behaviour in relationships and uncover what drives your need to feel wanted… Allowing you to enhance all of your connections.







Kerry Howard

Kerry Howard, Ms Pink Herself, is passionate about helping people to experience their best life, even when they are not sure it is possible.

Kerry is a psychotherapist, executive coach, mother, daughter and definitive diva. She has worked with over 500 clients to improve their sense of self and find their joy in life. Kerry’s book, Define Your Inner Diva, is a culmination of her life’s work in the personal transformation space.

Kerry is also a charismatic keynote presenter. She draws on her own life experiences and practice to deliver powerful messages in a truly authentic way. She presents on a diverse range of topics including personal growth, relationships, weight loss, trauma and life transformation.

Put simply, Kerry provides profoundly simple insights that are changing the way thousands of women think about their careers and their lives.

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