G’day Gorgeous

Since I’ve been back from Bali my life has been running at ‘full tilt’.  New systems in place to get the Divine Diva program ‘out there’ and at the same time trying to stop myself from running off to also ‘create’ new content.

You see…  While I was in Bali I was able to get some REAL clarity about my life purpose.  This includes being really clear about who my tribe are and how I serve them.  I got SO excited about the possibilities to share insights and support this group of ‘Awesome’ women that I got a little distracted about the ‘steps’ I need to take to allow me to do that with FULL and clear purpose.

Has that EVER happened to you?  That you have got so excited and ‘caught up’ in the possibilities that you forget to actually do something about the ‘baby’ steps you need to take to ensure success.  I’m a big picture person – so often the ‘detail’ is something I miss…  So – I’m taking a breath!

I’m now preparing myself like a long distance runner…  Being mindful that I need to ‘pace’ myself or I will lose the momentum to succeed because I will be approaching the race like a ‘sprinter’!

The Health and Wellbeing Series begins with Divine Diva.  As most of you would be aware, this is the time of year that we become ‘acutely’ aware of how we ‘overindulged’ over Christmas and we are settling down after holidays and looking to address the imbalance.  Divine Diva is about to launch and incorporates a 4-week Introductory program with the option of a 12-week Supported program.  I’m then going to focus on the Relationship Series…  This incorporates Divorce Diva and Delectable Diva.

There are two aspects to working through relationship issues, depending on whether you are you just coming out of a relationship (or thinking of leaving it), OR if you are single and looking to get into another relationship.  That’s why I’m providing two Introductory programs in the Relationship Series – starting with Divorce Diva.

2015 has been mapped out as a really BIG year – after Health & Wellbeing and Relationships we get to focus on Self, Finances, Career and Spirit.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by sharing this journey with me…  But you may benefit immensely!

C’mon Gorgeous…  What are you waiting for?

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