Good Morning Gorgeous…

Do you crave Abundance in your life?  I don’t just mean money – that is not really Abundance at all.  I mean true connection to people, a life worth living, full of meaning and linkages to others.

I set out to make 2014 my year of Abundance – and all I have seem to receive is one drama after another…  Here we are half way through march and I do not yet feel like I’ve ‘Hit my Stride’ in relation to achieving Abundance – and yet…  I feel very well connected, my life is worth living, full of meaning and I have many linkages.  Do I feel Abundant?  Yes…  Do I experience challenges in my life – family, career and other issues…  Yes!

Abundance is about looking ‘beyond’ the daily grind.  Being aware that the issues we currently face are ‘temporary’ – they will pass and we will continue to experience joy, connection and a meaningful existence.  Sometimes the daily issues that we face appear to overwhelm us – but the recognition that “This too will pass…” can often help us to go with the flow and focus on what is truly ‘good’ in our lives.

Take the time to reflect on your ‘Three Joys’ each evening…  When you are sitting at the dinner table with your family and friends, take turns to reflect on the three things that were good for you today.  This helps to create a focus on the positive aspects of our lives.

Let’s face it…  The crappy things will always be there – that is part of the human existence.  However, we can CHOOSE where we focus our energy.  If it is always on the negative, then we will not ever feel truly enriched and fulfilled.

Take the time to show some ‘Gratitude’.  And have Fun!




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