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Kerry's mission is to help you see yourself as you 'truly' are - unique, valued and gorgeous - a Diva!  She’s the creator of DivaTV, founder of multiple Diva programs and recently published her best-selling first book - 'Define Your Inner Diva: Turn your mid-life crisis into a mid-life revolution'.  Best-selling author, psychotherapist and executive coach, Kerry, Ms Pink Herself, has not only made this personal transformation herself, but also worked with 500+ clients, assisting them to transform their lives.  This is a serious “how to” book written by a woman who has literally 'been there and done that'.  In addition, Kerry is passionate about helping those less fortunate - through her lifetime partnership with B1G1 - Business For Good, a portion of all profits are donated to support women and children through education, provision of food and emotional support projects.

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Kerry Howard, Ms Pink Herself, has recently released best-selling first book - 'Define Your Inner Diva: Turn your mid-life crisis into a mid-life revolution'.  The Media Mentions area is currently being updated to reflect new Media, however we are a bit snowed under with keeping up at the moment and will update this area soon!

The Local Look Article

Is Ms Pink a muse, a nom de plume or simply Kerry Howard herself - I wondered when I met her at 80/20 in Braddon for a coffee and a chat about her best selling book, Define Your Inner Diva. 

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City News Article

How Kerry was 'saved' by being hit by a bus

AFTER being hit by a bus at the age of 28, Kerry Howard (or “Ms Pink Herself”) developed PTSD and secondary depression, which soon saw the psychology student and mother of two with little desire to live.

Looking back on that time, the now confident 48-year-old psychotherapist says that bus saved her life.

Kerry describes this in her new semi-autobiographical, self-help book, “Define Your Inner Diva".

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Ms Pink's Radio interview on 2CC - Define Your Inner Diva Amazon No.1 Bestseller