G’day Gorgeous…

This week I was chatting with a client about why we comfort eat and what we need to understand about it so that we don’t sabotage ourselves by throwing the ‘Baby out with the Bathwater’ whenever we break out the Tim Tam’s!

She said “Can you write that down for me?”  So I am…BAT 2 Too

Healthy eating is a lifestyle, we know ‘Dieting’ doesn’t work, so it is reasonable to expect that we are going to have days when we feel like scoffing ice cream…  The issue comes in how we manage our Guilt!

This musing comes from the Diva program – Divine Diva.

It is as normal to how we approach food as ‘breathing’…   However, like many other unnecessary things that we seem to do to ourselves as humans, we need to try and master our inner critic…

In this way we can manage the ebbs and flows of our lives and still maintain a balanced approach to food.

I would love to hear your thoughts about this one…

If you are based in Canberra, I have an upcoming ‘Divine Diva’ workshop.  In which I highlight all the psychological barriers to weight loss and how to overcome them.

Enjoy Gorgeous…






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