G’day Gorgeous…

This week I have been reflecting on the recent loss of my dog and it has raised some interesting questions about our emotional attachment to animals and our approach to Grief and Loss.

A lot of people have animals, some people have a very strong emotional connection Mr Brewsterto their animals, and there is a good reason for this… our animals accept us for just who we are!

With our animals we don’t have to pretend, they give us a form of unconditional love…

It is interesting that many people have these types of relationships with their animals, and they struggle with the loss as if they had lost another human being.  However, there are an equal number of people who see animals differently…

Either way, the loss of my very reliable companion of 11 1/2 years definitely caused me to experience significant loss.

So I thought I would outline how Grief and Loss affects us, especially when we don’t recognise it as a grieving process – like when we end a relationship.

Have a great week Gorgeous…




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