G’day Gorgeous…

This week I am again reminded of the importance of resolving the issues of our own sense of self and our self-worth BEFORE we can consider any other areas in our life – it goes back to the old adage that you must first LOVE yourself before you can love anyone else… But also before you will achieve any real sense of satisfaction with your life!

This musing comes from the first chapter in my new book – Delightful Diva.

I work with clients on a daily basis to assist them to change the way they see themselves, the key to having other people treat you well is to first be able to look into the mirror and truly be able to say that you like WHO you are…

The issue for most people is that they look to others to ‘validate’ them as good people as we see ourselves through other peoples eyes…  But if we don’t truly like who we are, we just surround ourselves with people who reflect back at us how we really feel – On the Inside!

If you find this video useful, remember that you can go to the main pge on the website and download the audio training ‘Start with the Self” – see the link HERE.


I hope you find this insightful…

Have a great week Gorgeous!

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