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Welcome to Part Six in the ‘Trouble With Trauma’ series…

So vibration, or the energy around a particular emotion, will impact.  So, if you stop and think about those low-level emotions, if you have a lot of those in your childhood, it’s going to change the cellular makeup of your body.  The low vibrations will impact the cellular functioning of all of your cells that sit inside your body at that point in time.  If there is too much low or heavy vibrational energy, it makes sense that it is going to have an impact for you later on in life.

It makes sense then, that you would be more prone to developing inflammatory diseases, chronic diseases or cancer – right?  Of course, it also makes sense this potentially means that life expectancy could be reduced

This is why is it SO important that we keep the vibrational energy flow around us as positive as we can, most of the time…

Little things are important to recognise about how this impact us in society.  Research tells us that people who don’t watch the news are less depressed.  This makes sense because the vibrational energy that is created by looking at all of the bad news in the world drags our vibration level down, so by NOT watching it we can maintain our levels higher.

When I work with clients, because I work with complex trauma, if I work with too many clients my vibrational energy reduces too much.  I have to be really careful about balancing my client workload, because if I work with too much really heavy stuff then I absorb that vibrational energy.  Why?  Well shame is actually the lowest vibrating emotion, shame is extremely heavy.  If I’m working with people with lots of shame, that’s like a yoke.  It’s like a big heavy weight that I have to carry and I then have to also manage how I get that off.

So, why am I telling you all of this?  Because I want you to understand that it’s really important not to just pretend that your childhood had no impact.  If you had difficulties in childhood, I’m not saying it has to ruin your life – it doesn’t!  We can fix all of these things, but we need to recognise and validate that our experiences as children, our experiences within our family, impacted us.  These experiences also impact our relationships going forward.  We can resolve the impact of these experiences but we can’t fix them unless we have some self-awareness around them.

Now society tries to make us believe that it was so long ago, that there is no need to focus on it – it doesn’t matter now.

However, it changed your cellular makeup.  If I could just get people to understand that they can do things to change that impact, how that vibration feels in their body.  Later on in life, you can correct it.  There are many enlightened people in the world, like Deepak Chopra, who will talk about how you can change your cellular function.  You see, the cells in your body completely regenerate every seven years.  Deepak Chopra says that mentally you can actually change the way that you look and feel, and I get where he’s coming from.

That concept will be a little bit too far ‘out there’ for most people, but if you could understand that you can resolve the issues that you carry with you and that there is a good reason why you should – that is an absolute game changer!

I’m here to tell you that you can live in absolute gratitude…  You can live your most luscious life… It’s not hard and it’s not difficult, but we need to be self-aware enough to know that we can do something about it. 

I hope that this series has spoken to you and that you find it useful 😀

See you soon Gorgeous…

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