G’day Gorgeous…

When I was writing for the Better Business… Better Life… Better World book, that is a collaboration I did with my B1G1 colleagues, in which I was asked to write as if I was leaving Guidance to my future Grandchildren about the World, Life and Business.

I found this to be a really interesting and introspective exercise… But it gave me an opportunity to reiterate my desire to eradicate unnecessary judgement in the world!

It’s a big part of my approach to life, live free of judgement…  If we could all do that, there would be absolute Peace in the World…

I spend most of my time when I’m working with clients, talking about judgement.  I encourage you to become more aware of critical thinking and judgement, both of others and internally – when we are often our own harshest critic!

So I encourage you to try and be more aware of your judgemental thoughts and words, and be mindful.

Have a great week Gorgeous…




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