G’day Gorgeous…

I am reminded about the fallacy that we have around relationships in society and the tendency of our society to believe that Love conquers all.  We teach our children that we will meet ‘The One’ and everything will be perfect because we fall in Love and everything else will work itself out.


We often connect with a person because they happen to come into our orbit – if there is nothing ‘obviously’ wrong with that person and they want to hang around, we let them!  However, we often don’t consider that we have different interests, beliefs, goals and dreams for the future and if we don’t address those, we end up spending a lot of time in a relationship with someone who was never going to give us what we seek in a partner.  We need to spend more time in planning what it is that we are actually seeking in our ideal partner.

This vlog is a bit longer than usual – the complexity of this idea in our society is quite detailed. This musing comes from my relationship program – Delectable Diva.

I’m interested in the story that we tell ourselves about how LOVE conquers all…

I’d love to hear your thoughts below…

Have a great week Gorgeous!


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