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Those of you who know me will know that I like to pursue my passions.  I tend to become ‘passionate’ about a particular cause and then I run with it…  I get so excited that I can’t help but tell everyone about what I’m thinking and wanting to share all of my excitement.

I have a tendency to get ‘creative’ about an issue and think about ALL the many ways I can do something that will benefit the ‘greater’ good, as I REALLY love to help people and I like to get the biggest ‘bang for my buck’ in anything I do…  So I always want to try and share my inspirational idea with as many people as I can.

Invariably, someone comes along and ‘questions’ what I’m doing…  Some people will even go so far as to tell me that I’m wrong.  Sometimes I let that just roll off.  But sometimes – it stops me in my tracks!  I become paralysed by someone else’s perception of my idea and I lose my passion for it. Really, if I’m honest, I allow their perception to inject ‘fear’ into me and I stop what I’m doing.

The result is that over the years I have had many ideas, some I have been able to pursue and some I have put on the back-burner until I can find a way through the questions or the ‘fear’ that some ‘well meaning’ person has ignited in me.

Part of my Bali experience has been about trying to understand what my ‘Joy’ is – what do I truly LOVE to do…  The answer is REALLY simple!  I LOVE to help people.

It makes sense really – I could never have become a therapist if I didn’t love people.  But even back in the days when I worked in Government roles – I was always interested in working in the areas that delivered programs that helped PEOPLE.  The bigger the reach of the program, the greater the satisfaction for me in delivering it.

When I first developed ‘Divine Diva’ as a program I had a number of well meaning friends and family that let me know that they thought what I was doing was ‘good’, but there were other people out there doing ‘weight loss’.  The thought that perhaps I should try and stick to working with people ‘one on one’ as a psychologist and stop trying to share my story and insight with a wider audience.  I listened, I put the program on the back-burner and I got busier in my face-to-face practice. But I still couldn’t let go of the feeling that I REALLY wanted to tell people that I had uncovered a solution to a problem I had been ‘battling’ with my WHOLE life…

It was SO excited to reveal my discovery!

My friends and family were likely trying to save me from disappointment, after all, just because I had ‘uncovered’ something about my emotional food triggers didn’t mean that anyone else would want to know that information, or would they ‘care’!  So I stopped trying to share the message…  I tried to pretend that I didn’t need to INSPIRE others to change their lives, that I could just work with people one-to-one and this would be enough.

But it’s NOT enough…

I have a PASSION for information – learning and sharing information…  I LOVE to see the light bulb go off for another human being when they become ‘aware’.

So – I am returning to my ‘roots’.  Going back to the program I first developed to help other women understand my story, my journey of self discovery that allowed me to finally get my emotional eating triggers more ‘conscious’ and therefore more manageable.

When you approach food in full AWARENESS you are best placed to utilise the tools that you need to manage your weight.

It’s a Revolution!



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