Ever wondered why you find it challenging to 'settle' on one particular guy?  Ms Pink explains what a girl needs to know about her wardrobe to ensure that she can find her perfect pair of shoes (read GUY!) to complement her, with all her different outfits...  The whole wardrobe - in it's entirety. 



Kerry Howard

Kerry Howard, Ms Pink Herself, is passionate about helping people to experience their best life, even when they are not sure it is possible.

Kerry is a psychotherapist, executive coach, mother, daughter and definitive diva. She has worked with over 500 clients to improve their sense of self and find their joy in life. Kerry’s book, Define Your Inner Diva, is a culmination of her life’s work in the personal transformation space.

Kerry is also a charismatic keynote presenter. She draws on her own life experiences and practice to deliver powerful messages in a truly authentic way. She presents on a diverse range of topics including personal growth, relationships, weight loss, trauma and life transformation.

Put simply, Kerry provides profoundly simple insights that are changing the way thousands of women think about their careers and their lives.

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